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  How to use UFile

Is UFile easy to use?
You already know how to answer questions on a Web site and how to fill out simple electronic forms. That's all there is to using UFile.

If you have that covered, then all you need is to have all relevant tax information at hand. UFile's interview will guide you by presenting questions that you will answer and forms that you will fill in.

In a frame located on the left-hand side of the screen, a table of contents will display a summary of your tax information to enable you to recall any question or form and add data or modify what you have previously entered.

If you will be preparing the tax returns of family members, keep in mind that each person's tax information must be entered in their respective file. UFile will optimize the family's data to minimize the tax payable or maximize the refund.

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Can I try using UFile for free?
With UFile, you always prepare your tax return for free. You only pay if you are completely satisfied and wish to print your return or file it electronically.

If you are not satisfied, you can end the process and leave the site at any time, no strings attached.

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How can I use UFile if I don't have a computer?
You can use UFile on any computer with Internet access, whether it's at a friend's, at the library, or at an Internet café.

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How do I get assistance if I need it?
Read the questions carefully. If you require assistance, several options are available depending on the nature of your query.

  • To find out what UFile does with the information you enter, click the "?" icon next to the relevant field.

  • To refer to the CCRA's T1 guide, click the Canadian flag icon within the relevant help file.

  • To refer to the MRQ's TP1 guide, click the Quebec flag icon within the relevant help file.

  • Check our list of FAQs.

If the options above do not prove satisfactory, send an e-mail to We will provide you with an answer as quickly as we can.

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How do I make a backup of my tax information?
With UFile, you never need to make a backup.

UFile keeps your original file safe, secure and encrypted with its own key based on your password. An encrypted backup is kept in a second data bank in an off-site, secret location.

You can always keep a copy of your tax return in PDF format for viewing and printing later. And remember, is a year-round service where you can access your return anytime.

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How do I print my tax return?
Once you are satisfied with your tax return and have paid UFile's fees, your computer can print your tax return on plain paper using the program Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you do not have this program installed, you can download it free of charge by clicking here.

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Is there a risk of UFile ever kicking me out?
Yes, in your own best interest.

To protect the integrity of your tax information, UFile is designed to end your session after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is basically a "timeout" feature. Once a delay of 15 minutes has passed without any activity taking place on the screen, UFile will assume that you have stepped away from your work station and do not wish to continue with the current session at that particular time, and will log you off automatically.

If this happens, you have to log on again to enable UFile to verify your identity and allow you to resume your session.

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What documents and receipts do I need when using UFile?
You should have all the tax documents you would normally need to prepare your tax return manually on paper or with a commercial software. This includes your information slips and all receipts you intend to submit.

If, however, you begin preparing your tax return with UFile, then realize that you are missing certain information, you can always quit and come back later to finish preparing your return. UFile always saves your data as you proceed through its tax preparation sequence.

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When can I use UFile?
You can log onto to prepare your tax returns online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, the site may occasionally be unavailable due to maintenance purposes. In such a case, the affected hours of operation will be posted.

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Whom does UFile consider to be dependants? And what types of tax returns can dependants prepare for free using UFile?
Dependants are members of the taxpayer's family unit, usually children, parents or other relatives, who have the same mailing address and who are being supported by the designated family head and/or his or her spouse.

These dependant individuals may be able to transfer certain tax credits (e.g. tuition fees, medical expenses, charitable donations, disability amounts, etc.) to another family member for optimization purposes.

You can prepare the tax returns of dependants for free using UFile if they are fairly basic returns.

This includes, for instance, returns reporting:

  • Income from the following information slips:

    • T3 (trust)

    • T4A (pension, retirement, annuity and other)

    • T4A(OAS) (old age security)

    • T4A(P) (CPP/QPP)

    • T5 (investment)

  • Other employment income such as tips

  • Deductions or credits to be claimed or transferred, such as:

    • Child care

    • Education Donations

    • Medical

    • Infirmity/disability

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