Welcome all Community Income Tax Program Volunteers!

This page contains useful links, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's), and other helpful information about the UFile CVITP version for Community Income Tax Program Volunteers.

Download your 2015 version.

Useful Links:

UFile's tools for getting started:

  • Your UFile product contains an easy to read tutorial. Click the Tutorial tab in the top left corner of your UFile screen.
  • Click here to view the UFile QuickStart guide.

UFile's context-sensitive help:

  • To access frequently asked questions about an area of the program, please use the instant help menu found adjacent the support assistant.
  • If you have a question about a specific input field, look for the icon to the left of that field.
  • For general help, click the icon at the top of your screen at any time.

We regret that we are not able to offer telephone support to CVITP volunteers this tax season.


  • Does not support Form T1273 -AgriStability / AgriInvest Program
  • No Pre-bankruptcy Returns
  • No Prior year returns

Do you have a support question?

Please contact your coordinator for information regarding when you will receive your copy of UFile, program updates and training.Please use our Contact form and clearly indicate that you are a CVITP volunteer. You may also use the Support Assistant in UFile under Help.

Your UFile software and activation key are provided under exclusive contract with the Canada Revenue Agency. They may not be shared under any circumstances without the expressed written permission of DT Tax and Accounting, a Thomson Reuters Business and the CRA.


1) Obligation to use a password

As requested by the National CVITP Coordinator in Ottawa, UFile CVITP makes the use of a password mandatory for tax year 2013.

2) Operation

The "Password'' function is rendered active as soon as a "CVITP activation key" has been added to UFile 2013.

A password is then required:
a) When "Saving" a new file for the first time.
b) When using "Save As" to create a copy of a file.

The password is then requested whenever the file is opened.

Note: The password is required only for UFile 2013 CVITP. Previous years are not affected.

3) Choosing a password

The password must be from 6 to 15 characters in length and contain:

a) Letters (no difference between uppercase and lowercase)
b) Numbers

Note: It is impossible to recover the data from the file when the password is forgotten.

4) Procedure

Any organization of CVITP volunteers should define "one unique password" to be used with UFile 2013.
The password should be documented and stored in a safe place.

NOTE: For those who installed a consumer version of UFile for Windows 2013 for their personal needs, the "Password" function is also activated if the "Volunteer Service activation code" is already running.