​EFILE Services for CVITP (tax year 2014)

EFILE Services for the Community Volunteers Income Tax program

Your EFILE setup:

In order to EFILE, you must first set up your electronic filer profile which includes entering your CRA EFILE agent number and password (and the Quebec equivalent when applicable).

You need to set up your profile only once after activating UFile CVITP.

Note that your profile applies to all years for which you have UFile installed and CVITP activated.

The following information applies only to UFile 2014.

  1. Select the "EFILE" menu then "EFILE-NetFile setup".
  2. Set up the location of your tax files. Use the "Browse" button to choose the correct drive for the USB key which you will use.
  3. Set the field "In what capacity are you preparing returns?" to Volunteer with the CVITP.
    EFILE On-Line is ticked automatically
    Tick NetFile Quebec when applicable
  4. Complete the registration information at the bottom of the screen by entering your CRA EFILE agent number, password (Quebec agent number and password, when applicable), name, community organization name and address.

Preparing the return:

Prepare the return and look for the EFILE logo on the "Results" screen.
You can see if the return is ready to EFILE, and if not, why it cannot be sent using the EFILE system at this time. Correct any EFILE errors.

Print out Form TIS60, which is found with the other pages of the tax return.
Print out Form TP-1000.PB (if filing a Quebec return).
Have the form(s) signed by the taxpayer.

You are now ready to file the return electronically.

Transmitting the return:

Click the "EFILE" tab in the toolbar and follow these steps:

  1. Select the first family member whose return who wish to file.
  2. Click "EFILE to the CRA"
  3. If the return was accepted by the CRA, record the confirmation number or print the "Federal Efile Report".
  4. If the return was rejected, review the error message, fix the problem and try again.
  5. Repeat this process for each taxpayer in the family.

Filing Quebec returns using NetFile Quebec

  1. Click "NetFile to Revenu Québec - automatic"
  2. If the return was accepted, record the confirmation number
  3. If the return was rejected, review the error message, fix the problem and try again.