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Let's Talk Tax: UFile Brings Tax Clinics Online With New Microsite

by Stephen A | Apr 05, 2017   Comments:

When it comes to tax filing, people talk. They ask questions. They give advice. They shout for joy and curse out loud. Filing taxes for today's next generation of decision-makers is as much about innovation technology as it is about the connection and relationship they have with it.

For more than 10 years, UFile has been working with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) to bring on the ground support to university campuses and communities across the country during tax filing season to discover, learn, and share all there is to know when it comes to taxes. Last year in 2016, more than 15,000 Canadian students filed for free and received tax-filing advice with UFile through the CFS partnership.

Dedicated to celebrating the diverse lives of Canadians in every corner of the country and at every stage of life, UFile has launched a conversation-oriented microsite, Tax & U, to offer engaging moments of learning and discovery by way of Q&As, did-you-knows, stories, facts, and expert point of view. With timing and deadlines a key piece of the tax filing puzzle, UFile is inviting Canadians, from February 27th to March 31st, to share a Better Late Than Never story for the chance to win a prize arsenal of time saving gizmos and gadgets, including a Fitbit activity tracker, a GoPro Hero 5 and an Apple Watch!

"The way we engage with Canadian tax filers is guided by two things: the belief that smarter tax filing starts with a better conversation and the goal to make tax education more accessible, and actually fun. Bringing our offline tax clinics online through the microsite makes it easier to get easy and accurate answers to tough and stressful questions Canadians tax filers have," says Sylvain Fortin, marketing manager at UFile. "We want to take those same casual conversations happening offline in our tax clinics and bring them online to inform and inspire more Canadians with a greater understanding of why and how we file taxes."

To submit your 2016 tax return questions, receive tips for smarter tax filing, and share your Better Late Than Never story for a chance to win time-saving gear, visit Tax & U.

About UFile 
UFile is the Canadian consumer tax program from Thomson Reuters, located in Montréal, Québec. It is a leading provider of tax preparation products and has served the professional tax community with tax products for more than 25 years. UFile products include UFile ONLINE, UFile for Windows, UFile PRO, and UFileT2 for corporations. To learn more, visit www.ufile.ca and connect on Facebook and Twitter @UFile.

For further information: For press inquiries, please contact: Samantha Ventresca at Idea Workshop samantha@ideaworkshop.ca.


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