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  FAQ's: Technical questions

What are the system requirements for UFile?
To run UFile for Windows on your computer, your system must meet the following requirements:

Operating system:
Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Hard disk space:
25 mb available

Video card and monitor capable of 800x600 resolution at 256 colours (16-bit colour recommended).

You must also have a Windows-compatible mouse, a CD-Rom drive, and an inkjet or laser printer to print tax returns.

Internet access is required for NetFiling, and highly recommended for obtaining the latest software updates.


Can I install UFile for Windows on more than one computer?
Yes, you can install UFile on up to 2 computers. However, the maximum number of tax returns you can file is still subject to the limitation of 8.


I would like to delete a file in UFile for Windows. How can I do that?
While it is not possible to delete a tax return within UFile for Windows, you can go in the folder where UFile data files are stored (generally "My Documents") and delete the file you no longer want from there.

Please note that if the file you wish to delete contains a return that has been printed, filed using NETFILE or NETFILE Quebec, or saved in PDF format, this return counts towards the total available, as reflected by the tax return counter. If you are unsure whether a return was counted, select Tools on the top menu bar, then select Tax return counter.


Can I copy my information from QuickTax® to UFile for Windows?
Yes. You can use UFile's one-touch data import to copy your tax information from QuickTax® into UFile for Windows.

UFile for Windows will also carry forward personal and tax data from year to year, ensuring accurate filing and saving you tax dollars.

In UFile for Windows, select Carry forward a 2009 tax file from the "File" menu. This will open a window where you may select "QuickTax" and specify the location of your 2009 tax file. UFile will then convert your tax file and carry both your permanent information and tax carryforwards.


How can I install the latest update if I experience problems with the automated download procedure from the program?
Click here to access the DOWNLOADS & UPDATES section and read the instructions on how to download the latest update directly from our Web site.

Some computer environments will not allow automatic updating of your program.

Please follow these simple instructions to download and install the latest version:

1. Completely close your UFile program.

2. Download the latest version (which includes all updates) at:

3. Save it to your Desktop.

4. Install the program using the instructions for the situation that applies to you.




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