FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | UFile


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Login questions

  • How can I reset my UFile ONLINE forgotten or expired password?

  • How do I enable Two-Factor authentication within UFile ONLINE?

  • How do I change the security question in my UFile ONLINE account?

FAQ - General questions

  • Can I prepare any type of returns with UFile?

  • Can I use UFile to prepare the return of a deceased taxpayer? If so, how?

  • What supporting documents do I need when using UFile?

  • Can anyone use UFile for free?

  • Does UFile support all the tax forms?

  • How do I know when to enter total amounts and when to enter details in my tax file?

  • How long will it take me to prepare my tax return?

  • What should I do if an email that seems to be from the CRA or UFile asks me to provide personal or sensitive information?

  • What makes UFile such a fast method?

  • Can I prepare my tax return in French?

  • What about third party filing?

  • What if I'm not completely satisfied?

  • Is there a support line I can phone?

  • Who is a dependant and how to best prepare their return?

FAQ - UFile Online: before you start

  • What is UFile ONLINE?

  • How much does UFile ONLINE cost?

  • Who should use UFile?

  • Is UFile ONLINE easy to use?

  • When can I use UFile ONLINE?

  • How can I use UFile if I don't have a computer?

  • How do I get assistance if I need it?

  • What payment methods does UFile accept?

  • Can I file my tax return for free using UFile ONLINE?

  • What is UFile Premium?

  • How much does UFile Premium cost?

  • Is Premium available for UFile for Windows?

FAQ - UFile Online: technical questions

  • Is UFile ONLINE a type of software?

  • Is UFile ONLINE secure?

  • Where is UFile ONLINE storing my data?

  • How can I access my UFile ONLINE data?

  • I cannot remember my Password, can you help me?

  • What is encryption?

  • What are cookies?

  • What are firewalls?

  • Does UFile ONLINE use a timeout facility?

  • How do I print my tax return?

  • How do I make a backup of my tax information?

  • What are the system requirements for UFile ONLINE?

  • Can I use UFile if I have a Mac or Linux?

FAQ - Questions about UFile for Windows

  • What is UFile for Windows?

  • What is the difference between UFile for Windows and UFile ONLINE?

  • How much does UFile for Windows cost?

  • Where can I get UFile for Windows?

  • How many tax returns can I prepare with UFile for Windows?

  • How do I get assistance if I need it?

  • What are the system requirements for UFile for Windows?

  • Can I install UFile for Windows on more than one computer?

  • I would like to delete a file in UFile for Windows. How can I do that?

  • How can I install the latest update if I experience problems with the automated download procedure from the program?

  • Why does UFile not work on my computer running on the XP operating system?

  • May I use Vista as my operating system and file my tax return with UFile for Windows this year?

FAQ - Tax related questions

  • Do I really need to file a tax return?

  • May I claim the federal or provincial disability amount (line 5844) when also claiming fees for full-time care in a nursing home?

  • How do I enter medical expenses in UFile?

  • Why must I enter income information for an ex-spouse?

  • What if I do not know the amount of the ex-spouse's income for the year?

  • I have no federal tax to pay but I owe provincial tax. UFile is carrying forward the donations. How can I have UFile apply the donations to the provincial tax calculation?

  • How do I claim the Ontario energy and property tax credit on Form ON479 in UFile?

  • How do I indicate in the program that I’m a dependent senior for purposes of the calculation of the tax credit for home-support for seniors (Quebec Schedule J)?

FAQ - Questions about electronic filing (NETFILE)

  • Can I file my tax return electronically?

  • Should I file my return electronically?

  • Can I file my return via NETFILE with UFile?

  • When filing my tax returns electronically, how do I send in my supporting documents?

  • How do I find out the status of my current-year tax return?

  • Can I prepare my Quebec TP1 return with UFile?

  • Can I file my Quebec TP1 return electronically?

  • I have a balance due on my tax return. How can I make the payment when I file using NETFILE?

  • I can't NETFILE my tax return. What should I do?

  • If I choose not to use NETFILE, where do I mail my tax return?

FAQ - Tax filing questions

  • What is the tax filing deadline?

  • What if I cannot file before the tax deadline?

  • What if I need to correct my tax return after it has been filed?