UFile redesign offers virtual accountant experience

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UFile redesign offers virtual accountant experience

by Julia Harper | Feb 09, 2016   Comments:

Canadian tax software leader UFile announced today a complete redesign of their popular online and desktop software for tax year 2015.

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- Tax Software Leader Looks to Artificial Intelligence to Roll Out Highly Personalized Filing Tool -

Montreal, QC (F​ebruary ​9, 2016) – Canadian tax software leader UFile announced today a complete redesign of their popular online and desktop software for tax year 2015. The new program, compatible across all platforms and browsers, features a bold design aesthetic and graphic icons; more intuitive navigation; and refined, customized services including the new real-time diagnostic panel and Tax Saving Ideas. Paving the way in tax software built-in intelligence, and supported by a highly robust tax engine used by tax professionals across the country, the new and improved UFile offers Canadians an unrivalled virtual accountant experience.

According to the CRA, 45 per cent of Canadians filed their own taxes last year and 82 per cent of all tax returns filed (whether personally or professionally) were filed electronically. New initiatives from the CRA -- like MyCRA mobile app and Auto-fill my return -- make online filing easier and more accessible, and Canadians are responding with a growing number choosing to prepare and electronically file their own returns. UFile offers Canadians a NETFILE-ready tax preparation solution for the entire family that takes full advantage of the CRA’s initiatives, while minimizing the risk of error and maximizing the family’s tax refund.

“The newly designed UFile platform is a response to what we’ve heard from our loyal customers and also from the marketplace in general,” says Joanne Birtch, Senior Director of Marketing and New Business Development for UFile. “A significant addition to the new program is the Tax Saving Ideas tool, offering highly customized, troubleshooting solutions for Canadians to ensure no credits, deductions, transfers or other benefits have been overlooked.”

UFile’s desktop and online products can prepare any type of personal tax return, eliminating the need to upgrade to a more advanced product.  Adding to existing email support and a powerful virtual agent, this year, for the first time, UFile ONLINE will now offer users free telephone support.

UFile is available at national retailers including; Staples, Best Buy, Loblaws, The Source, Walmart, Rexall Drugs, and Jean Coutu in Quebec. Consumers can purchase UFile products directly through the web or at the retail level. UFile is owned by Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

2016 UFile Pricing
$17.95           Single person
$27.95            Couple (includes limited dependants)

UFile for Windows (desktop)
$19.99            UFile 4 (up to 4 returns, includes bonus 4 returns for taxpayers with an income of $25,000 or less)
$29.99            UFile 12 (up to 12 returns, includes bonus 4 returns for taxpayers with an income of $25,000 or less)

UFile ONLINE is available at no charge for many tax filers, including those with only a T4 slip to report; Canadians with a total income under $20,000; first-time filers, including new Canadians; all post-secondary students (regardless of their income); and seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement. In addition, with UFile ONLINE, dependants’ returns are free as well.

For additional information on UFile products or for interview opportunities with a UFile spokesperson, please contact Julia@ideaworkshop.ca.

About UFile 
UFile is the Canadian consumer tax program from Thomson Reuters, located in Montréal, Québec.  It is a leading provider of tax preparation products and has served the professional tax community with tax products for more than 25 years. UFile products include UFile ONLINE, UFile and UFile PRO. UFile is an official sponsor of Earth Day Canada and helps to reduce greenhouse gases and preserve trees through its work with the CRA and promotion of electronic tax filing. Visit ufile.ca or join the conversation @UFile, #taxesyourway or at facebook.com/UFile

About Thomson Reuters 
Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science and media markets, powered by the world's most trusted news organization. With headquarters in New York and major operations in London and Eagan, Minnesota, Thomson Reuters employs approximately 60,000 people and operates in over 100 countries. For more information, visit www.thomsonReuters.com.


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  1. Long time Ufile Windows User | May 04, 2016

    For Product: Ufile Windows 2015. From what I learnt from your website community, facebook, even on May 2, 2016, password creation is required to get the latest updates to prevent our tax file from getting locked.  Your help session does not have a lot of details about password protected file. For example, can a password protected file be netfiled? When this password bug is fixed, can it be announced in the community or facebook? I think client should have a choice whether or not to set a password, and still be able to get the latest updates. After all, no password creation is required in the past before proceeding to updates.

    Can your Triple Guarantee - End user licence agreement make available to anyone, including those who is considering Ufile? Or where can I see it?

    I have been receiving Ufile CD in the mail every year, and end up not using your CD. I think Ufile will help save the environment if you stop mailing out those CD. Personally, I prefer coupons that can be used at the retail stores, rather than the CD.  Coupons are lighter, and will save your mailing cost too.

    Thank you for helping the tax filing process simplier.

  2. DG | Apr 24, 2016
    Good Evening. Like many other comments, I have been a user of Ufile for many years and this 2015 edition is just terrible. I also recommended it to friends and family this year and now it won't even install on their computers because they have Windows XP. Ufile was a great simple software. They should have it made more clear on the packaging it that  wouldn't work this year. 
  3. SUE MACDONALD | Apr 12, 2016
  4. Caron | Apr 11, 2016
    told friends and co workers not to buy the ufile software.  Too many problems with it.  I have been using it since it became available  and was very happy with it.  This year is a disaster I will no longer purchase this program.
  5. Ross Metcalf | Apr 06, 2016

    I have used Ufile for many years.  The new format gave me no problem when I completed 5 tax returns and Netfiled with great speed.  However, the program allowed for 4 returns and 4 modest returns.  Three of my returns were low income.  However when I went to Netfile the 5th one, I had to purchase a new program form the Online store: that came to 2 x $22.59, when one program should have done.  (The other day, April 4th, I notice that for the same price the program I viewed at Staples read 6 returns plus returns for modest income earners. Why the difference.  I have used the program for many years and have never had to purchase another one in the same tax year.  I feel cheated!

    I may not be able to use your program in the future.  I have sent two emails to Ufile web contact WITH NO REPLY OTHER THAN AUTO-MATED REPLY.  Seems to me that something is wrong as the company expands.  (Clarence did send me a key for two returns, however, it was far too late to be useful.)

    Trust that you will be able to ameliorate the above stated disparity.


  6. B.Keefe | Mar 20, 2016

      Much preferred the previous format.

    The review page is hard to follow.

    No comparison with last year.

  7. S Turner | Mar 18, 2016

    I have been using Ufile for several years but I must say that I absolutely HATE their new format.  To make matters worse, their CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS NON-EXISTENT.    I sent customer service an email 6 days ago, and I still haven't received a response.  

    An error message has prevented the program from doing any calculations.  Apparently "A required field was left blank", however when I "Click here to fix", it brings me to a blank page.   Definitely not user friendly.  I have gone over and over my return to locate the missing field, but have found nothing.   I feel that I have just wasted hours of my time and I will have to purchase Turbo Tax to complete my return.

    Do yourself a favour and DO NOT BUY.  Their new format has not been thoroughly tested and it is obvious by there slow response times, that many people are having serious issues with this product.


  8. Kathy | Mar 14, 2016

    There isn't a phone number under the Contact tab. 

    How do I get my previous years tax returns with Ufile? 

  9. Tom Postma | Mar 11, 2016
    I too have been a ufile user for many years,but now i am not to sure whether i will or not. My sister called me and she said she had nothing but problems this time and said there were a lot of complaints about the new format,and after reading the above and the waiting time for product support i just might go another route, will miss Ufile. Tom
  10. John Smith | Mar 11, 2016

    I do not like the new system - I have used ufile on-line every since it became and available and always found it very easy, user-friendly and flowed from year to year.

    This new system is awful! Not user-friendly and cannot update from last year. It is like starting over, I might as well just go a different system.

    A previously happy customer

  11. Ken White | Mar 07, 2016
    I have been a Ufile user (both windows and online) for 8 years.  This is the first year I have ever required online/telephone support.  So far I am NOT a fan of the redesigned 2015 Ufile.  The new format is way too difficult to move around in and far less user friendly to find appropriate support.  I am having problems printing the tax returns easily (4 pages at a time)  I have submitted this printer problem via the email support and i am currently on hold with telephone support (40 minutes so far).  I keep hearing the recording "that my phone call is important to us and please remain on hold for the next available agent.  We apologize......"  The call was answered after waiting for 43 minutes.  As for the printer problem apparently I am not the only one experiencing this problem and the problem has been passed on to technical support.  I was instructed to print to PDF file then print from there.  A 43 minute wait on hold does not give me assurance that my call is important, especially when word on the street is there are approximate only 15 agents taking calls for all of Canada.  I have been a great supporter of Ufile in the past and taken every possible opportunity to boast to others that Ufile is best tax program out there. Unless things improve dramatically I may not be able continue so enthusiastically. 

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