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UFile Tax Tips

  • Year-end tax tip - Medical expense tax credit

  • Year-end tax tip - Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA)

  • Year-end tax tip - Moving to another province

  • Year-end tax tip - Registered Education Savings Plan

  • It’s tax time again!

  • Tax filing is a “family affair”.

  • Should you be filing a tax return?

  • Did you know you should file a tax return?

  • Students are entitled to substantial tax credits that should not be missed!

  • Did you pay education fees last year?

  • Two plus two makes Five?

  • Student loan interest is deductible.

  • Don’t miss this important tax credit that can save you money.

  • Transferring credits to others can save big tax dollars.

  • Transferring tuition credits can be tricky.

  • Don’t miss the tax filing deadline!

  • Are you expecting a large tax refund?

  • Calculating your tax return by hand can take hours, and cause many headaches.

  • Forgot to report something on your tax return?

  • April 30th is the tax filing deadline for most taxpayers!

  • Do you want to save on your taxes? Be charitable!

  • Increase your tax refund

  • New pension splitting rules can mean substantial tax savings!

  • Did you buy your first home after January 27th, 2009?

  • Are you taking care of a parent aged over 65?

  • Working from home can mean substantial tax savings.