Did you forget to report some income or to apply for a credit on your tax return?

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Did you forget to report some income or to apply for a credit on your tax return?

by Gerry Vittoratos | Oct 14, 2015   Comments:

Have you ever thought that you have received all your slips, pressed NETFILE in your tax software and then ended up receiving more slips in the mail? Maybe you learned about a credit after filing and that you should have applied for.

Many other factors can also come into play; income splitting or the proportion of deductions given to a spouse or taken from a dependant can also significantly influence the end result but how should you tell CRA and have your return amended?

If you find yourself in that position, don’t worry; taxpayers can file an adjustment for returns going back up to ten years.

There are a couple of options are available to adjust your return. The first thing to know is that you should not actually file another return.  The second is you need to wait for your notice of assessment. Once you receive it, you can choose one of two options:


Sign up or log into the CRAs website’s “My Account” to which offers the possibility of to file changes among other things.



Quality tax software, such as UFile, enables you to prepare an adjustment, using the T1-ADJ form, by selecting “Adjustment for a tax return already filed” from the Interview Setup and completing that section now accessible at the bottom of the Quikclik Navigator.

Unfortunately, the CRA does not accept the transmission via NETFILE of the T1-ADJ. Therefore, it you will need to print the adjustment form and send it by mail with all relevant documents.

As a general rule, you will need to include two types of documents in your correspondence to the CRA:  the form T1-ADJ, T1 Adjustment Request or a signed letter detailing the changes requested and your personal identification information: name, address, phone number and SIN.

As well, you need to include any supporting documents for the changes you want to make and for the original claim if they have not already been filed.

You can also obtain the T1-ADJ through the following link:


Find the mailing address of your Tax centre here:


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  1. Enzo Ettorre | Mar 06, 2016
    Gerry, I find your explanations clear and helpful. Thank you.
  2. Gerry Vittoratos | Feb 23, 2016

    Hi Grant,

    The answer to any tax question is always "it depends". It depends on the province that you live in and your age as well. For example, in Ontario, you can claim Ontario Senior Homeowner's Property Tax Grant based on your age and property taxes.

    Manitoba also has a tax credit based on property taxes.

    Are you a resident of one of these provinces?

  3. grant nicholls | Feb 21, 2016
    is it necessary to input property tax on return. if so, where should it be entered. thanks

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