The Holiday Gift Guide for Tax-Smart Canadians

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The Holiday Gift Guide for Tax-Smart Canadians

by UFile Team Équipe ImpôtExpert | Dec 04, 2018   Comments:

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'Tis the season of generosity, and there is no better time to give to charitable organizations in need. Giving can be a rewarding experience, but giving to something you care about for someone you love can be even more rewarding. This is especially true in Canada where taxpayers can benefit from making year-end donations with the Charitable Donations Tax Credit – more on that below. If you're considering making a donation as a holiday gift but aren't sure where to start, we’ve rounded up a list of some Canadian registered charities that can help you gift smart by giving in a way that is as meaningful as it is gentle on your wallet. 

Fostering health and wellness:
Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research

Dedicated to building a healthy Canada, this foundation provides grants for research in dietetics and nutrition. Donations can be made directly on their website.

Canadian Feed the Children
Working in partnership with Indigenous communities to support community-led food security, this organization accepts online donations through a credit card or PayPal account.

Autism Canada
An organization that advocates for and supports Canadians with autism and their families. Their website allows for one-time or scheduled monthly donations.

Advancing the next generation of inventors:
Scientists in School
A social enterprise charity hosting 24,800 annual classroom workshops. Donations can be made as one-time, monthly, in memory/in honour or as workplace giving.

Tim Horton’s Children Foundation
This foundation serves youth from low-income families with specially designed programs such as Camps. You can help through your donations or participation in Fundraising Events.

P.K. Subban Foundation
This foundation provides educational and play materials for occupational therapy, autism and other areas. Help P.K. Subban reach his goal of $10 million by donating directly on the website.

Protecting a living, breathing planet:
Earth Day Canada
A national charity that inspires and supports people across the country to connect with nature and build resilient communities. Help fund their year-round programs directly on their website.

David Suzuki Foundation
The David Suzuki Foundation helps create a supportive regulatory landscape for Indigenous communities. Support Indigenous-led conservation efforts by making a one-time or recurring monthly donation on their website.

Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada
The Plastic Oceans Foundation motivates Canadian communities to “Rethink Plastic.” Join their efforts by donating on their website to rid our oceans of plastic pollution.

Enhancing literacy and the pursuit of knowledge:
Textbooks for Change
Providing affordable and accessible educational material to students across the globe. Find a Dropbox in your city and donate books today.

Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations Inc.
An advocate for the advancement of learning, and a voice for all Quebec children, youth and parents. Donations can be made on CanadaHelps.

Donate books to local libraries
You can help fund diverse and essential programs and services at your local library. Libraries Web provides a list of libraries across Canada.

Promoting sports and recreation:
Canadian Olympic Foundation
This organization is helping Team Canada’s next generation of Olympians. Donations made directly on their website can make an immediate impact on Canadian athletes.

Ontario Blind Sports Association
The OBSA is dedicated to creating opportunities for the blind and visually impaired to enjoy the benefits of sport. PayPal donations can be made on their website.

Special Olympics Québec
Special Olympics Quebec offers sports training for special needs children. You can support their programs through CanadaHelps.

The Charitable Donations Tax Credit
Canadian taxpayers receive a 15% credit for the first $200 donated and 29% to 33% (depending on income) for any donations made above $200 including goods with assigned tangible value. Some provinces offer additional tax credits.

The first-time donor's super credit (FDSC) supplements the value of the charitable donations tax credit (CDTC) by 25% on donations made after March 20, 2013, by a first-time donor. For the purpose of the FDSC, you will be considered a first-time donor if neither you nor your spouse or common-law partner (if you have one) have claimed and been allowed a charitable donations tax credit for any year after 2007. Note that this is the last year to claim the FDSC as it expired at the end of the 2017 tax year.

Registered charities issue receipts periodically through the year or, for cash donations, issue one cumulative receipt for the year. A separate receipt is issued for each non-cash donation. To find out if a charity is registered, search through the Government of Canada’s Charity Database. For more charitable organizations in Canada, visit the Government of Canada’s Qualified Donees List.

An act of giving is rewarding in itself but this year, gift smart by donating to Canadian-registered charities before the year ends and claim your donation on your 2018 income tax return. That's a gift that keeps on giving!

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