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  • Going Green: Save the Planet While Saving Cash

    by UFile Team Équipe ImpôtExpert | Apr 13, 2017   Comments:

    When it comes to making eco-friendly choices, Canadians have made significant strides. More Canadians use LED light bulbs, e-billing, and water-efficient systems than ever, indicating that Canadians care about the Earth.

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  • Smooth Sailing: Budgeting For Economy Highs and Lows

    by Gerry Vittoratos | Feb 14, 2017   Comments:

    Between energy sector lows, tightened mortgage rules, and the potential for new border taxes, sometimes it feels like Canadians just can’t catch a break.

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  • RRSP season is upon us

    by Gerry Vittoratos | Feb 01, 2017   Comments:

    RRSP season is upon us! Time to go through the couch covers and scrounge up the last of our savings to make that all-important contribution. Let’s look at some fundamental concepts of RRSPs.

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  • Five Important Updates To Know Before You File Your 2016 Tax Return

    by Gerry Vittoratos | Jan 25, 2017   Comments:

    The start of a new year for most Canadians signals a feeling of optimism, a time of reflection, and a renewed sense of setting goals.

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  • Why Tax-Smart Kids Become Happier Adults

    by UFile Team Équipe ImpôtExpert | Jan 10, 2017   Comments:

    As Bill Murray famously noted, the best way to teach kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream.

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  • Making The Most of Tax Deductions (Regardless of Income)

    by Gerry Vittoratos | Oct 18, 2016   Comments:

    The arrival of fall is a great time to start thinking about, and making plans to prepare your personal income tax return.

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  • Welcome to 2016!

    by Gerry Vittoratos | Jan 13, 2016   Comments:

    As a new year begins and tax season approaches we would like to offer a couple of tax-saving resolutions to add to your list.

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  • Tax changes for 2014

    by Gerry Vittoratos | Feb 12, 2015   Comments:

    No matter what kind of taxpayer you are, 2014 is a tax year full of changes that will affect your tax return. Before starting your tax return, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the many changes to the Federal return and with those that apply to your own province.

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  • Go "e" and stay warm

    by Gerry Vittoratos | Jan 15, 2015   Comments:

    I don’t like getting bills in the mail. I don’t have home delivery from Canada Post and it is currently -15 C in my neighborhood. That’s why I have arranged for all or most of my business correspondence addressed to arrive by email or online.

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