Using UFile along with ReFILE from the CRA

Need to make an adjustment to your tax return?

Making an adjustment to a previously filed tax return is easier than ever using UFile along with ReFILE from the CRA.

ReFILE is a secure Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service that allows you to electronically resubmit the federal return when an amendment (modification) is required.

This is useful for making corrections such as missing slips or changing amounts. Please note that the ReFILE service will never update the marital status, address, direct deposit or email address.

The Federal ReFILE service can only be enabled after having electronically and successfully filed a federal tax return.

ReFILE only supports 3 prior years and supported in UFile.

For example:

For the 2022 filing season ReFILE is available for 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 tax years.

For the 2023 filing season ReFILE will be available for 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 tax years.

If you’re unable to use the ReFILE service, you can complete and print the T1 Adjustment Request (T1-ADJ) form and mail it to the CRA.

Looking to make a change to your Quebec tax return?
Visit the UFile Quebec ReFILE page.

For more information on making changes to your tax return, please visit the following links:


Revenu Québec

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