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UFile PRO Features

UFile PRO is ​the professional tax software made easy

Carry forwards

Carry forwards with UFile are always free, and always easy.

Best refund

Get the best tax refund. UFile explores every possible tax –saving scenario for your unique situation and determines everything from credits to pension splitting – automatically.

Supported forms

UFile supports over 230 forms and slips. Learn More.

Pension income splitting

If you have pension income, you can split up to 50% of it with your spouse. UFile automatically allocates deductions and credits to calculate the optimal pension split to ensure you pay less tax.

For everyone

Prepare any kind of tax return no matter how complex. UFile is perfect for small business owners, investors, employees, pensioners, students and YOU.


If you need to resubmit your previously filed return for any reason, UFile makes it easy using CRA’s ReFILE service. Learn More.

EFILE certified

Millions of returns are electronically filed by tax preparers for their clients each year. Why? Because EFILE is proven to save money and time. UFile PRO is a snap to set up for EFILE and it is simple to use. Learn More.


Your security is our #1 priority. Your data is safe at all times using encrypted channels on Canadian servers, and all information is stored securely using the same advanced encryption technologies used by Canadian banks.

Easy to use

UFile has a simple and flexible interface that makes preparing your tax return easy-to-use.


Only UFile offers the Triple Guarantee. UFile’s Triple Guarantee is your assurance of Accuracy, Satisfaction and the Best Tax Result.

Quebec residents

UFile is great for Quebec residents. UFile automatically uses the data you enter to complete both tax returns at the same time. This single-entry system helps to avoid errors, and it is a major time saver.

Express NOA

UFile allows you to view your notice of assessment immediately once your return has been received and processed by the CRA.